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PRO-MEASURE(TM) Protein Measurement Kit

CAT. 21011 (100 ml)
CAT. 21012 (200 ml)
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Protein quantification is one of the important steps in protein research such as Western blot assay. Protein assay methods are diverse, and there is one which absorbs at 280nm without special reagents or operation. This method is simple, yet it also has a shortcoming not being able to analyze protein assay when no amino acid such as phenylalanine, tryptophan or tyrosine are present. Neither will it be used commonly due to its DNA absorbance interference (AI). The other methods are Lowry assay or BCA assay, which are highly sensitive for protein quantification, but is quite inconvenient and time-consuming. Contrarily, Bradford method is the most commonly used one (within 10min), which can detect the minimum amount of protein and is very simple to use. This PRO-MEASURE(TM) is even more convenient than Bradford assay, declining AI of solution itself so that the background absorbance is
maintained very low.

Suitable for PRO-PREP(TM) Kit and WEST-ZOL(TM) plus Kit
High sensitivity and specificity (10-25ng/ml)
Save time (<10 min)
Lower background interference
Standard solution (BSA solution) supplied.

Format : PRO-MEASURE(TM) solution, BSA standard (1mg/ml)
Usage: Before use, dilute 1 part of PRO-MEASURE(TM) solution by adding 9 parts of sterile water (working solution).
Stability: Store at 4, and then stable for over 1 year.

Included in this kit
; reagents, and a manual.







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