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Power cDNA Synthesis Kit

CAT. 25011 (30 rxn.)

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The iNtRON's Power cDNA Synthesis Kit is designed to synthesize the first strand cDNA from small quantities of total or mRNA for PCR reaction with specific primers and either poly(dT) primer or random hexamer primer. High quality OptiScript(TM) reverse transcriptase in the Power cDNA synthesis Kit allows effective production of full-length cDNA. To obtain high-quality cDNA, intactness and cleanliness of RNA is important; any presence of contamination, such as RNase lowers efficiency of cDNA synthesis. All the equipments and reagents should be pre-treated with DEPC to eliminate any chance of contaminations. iNtRON also provides easy-BLUE(TM) or RNA-spin(TM) Total RNA Extraction Kit for simple and effective extraction of RNA.

Designed for synthesis of 1st strand cDNA
All necessary reagents for cDNA synthesis
Synthesize 1st strand cDNA within 60 min.
Useful for total RNA or mRNA
Supplied all reagents for synthesizing cDNA

Format : OptiScript(TM) RT (4U/ml), RT buffer (5x), Oligo (dT)15 primer (0.2mM), Random primer (1mM), RNase inhibitor (10U/ml), dNTP, DTT, DNase/RNase-free sterile water
Usage: 30 (60) reactions (with net 20ml RT reaction volume)
Stability: Store at -20, and then stable for over 1 year.

Included in this kit
; reagents, and a manual.

The PCR process is covered by patents issued and applicable in certain countries. iNtRON Biotechnology does not encourage or support the unauthorized or unlicensed use of the PCR process. Use of this product is recommended for persons that either have a license to perform PCR or are not required to obtain a license.










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