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MEGA-bead(TM) Agarose Gel DNA Extraction Kit

CAT. 17011 (100 rxn.)

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DNA fragments for probe DNA or ligation must be separated and purified from other DNA fragments. MEGA-bead(TM) employs a bead method to purify target DNA in excised agarose gel. The bead method uses a highly concentrated salt solution to keep the target DNA bound to the bead and prevent the target DNA from solubilization. The binding reaction occurs due to the disruption of the organized structure of water molecules and the interaction with the nucleic acids. Thus the adsorption to the specifically pretreated spherical silica matrix is favored. Since the binding process is specific for nucleic acids, the bound material can be separated and purified from impurities e.g. salts and proteins, by a simple washing step. Nucleic acids elute from the matrix in a low salt buffer or water.
The size of MEGA-bead(TM) is much smaller than other companies' products to yield more surface area for DNA binding, and guarantees high yield of purification up to 80-90%. DNA fragments isolated with MEGA-bead(TM) Agarose Gel Extraction Kit are efficiently ligated into plasmid cloning vectors or specifically labeled using either random primed labeling or nick translation. No inhibition of digestion with restriction endonucleases is observed. Within
15-20 minutes of procedure, pure DNA can be obtained.

DNA fragments extracted in 20 minutes
Gel extraction from standard or low-melt gels in TAE or TBE buffer
Do not use sodium iodide.
No change of pH, then neednt add sodium acetate.
High recovery and purity
No interfere with subsequent reactions

Format : Bead type
Application: Gel extraction or enzymatic reaction cleanup
Recovery: 85%-90% in 500bp - 10Kb
DNA Binding capacity: 4-5mg per 10ml bead-gel
Prep. time: <20 minutes
Rehydration volume: 20-50ml

Included in this kit
; Beads, reagents, buffers, and a manual.









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