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i-Myco Mycoplasma Detection PCR Premix Kit

CAT. 25091 (48 rxn.)

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Mycoplasma are common and serious contaminants of cell cultures. It has been shown that 30-87% of cell cultures are infected with mycoplasma. Many Mycoplasma contaminations, particulary in continuous cell lines, grow slowly and do not destroy host cells but are still able to affect various parameters, leading to unreliable or false results. These effects include changes in metabolism, growth, viability, DNA, RNA and protein synthesis, morphology etc.. Testing for mycoplasma is essential quality control tool to assure accurate research and reliable biotechnological products.
The Primers used in the kits anneal to conserved regions of the mycoplasma genome, allowing the detection of all several species of mycoplasma. Because mycoplasma contaminants can be detected by simply verifying amplification DNA fragments on an agarose gel, there is no need to prepare probes labeled with radioisotope.
Each tube of i-Myco PCR Mycoplasma Detection Kit contains all components for PCR, i-Taq(TM) DNA polymerase, dNTPs buffer and primers for Mycoplasma partial gene amplifications except template DNA.

High Sensitivity: The kit allows the detection of at least 10-infected cell suspension or 10ng genomic DNA.
Simplicity: Detects all mycoplasma using one and the same protocol, as opposed to the culture method that requires different culture conditions for different mycoplasma species.
Rapid: The whole procedure can be performed within a few hour by One-tube reaction mix
Broad Detection Range: The Primers, used in the kit hybridize to conserved regions of the genome and allow the detection of all Mycoplasma species.

Format : Lyophilized PCR premix containing i-Taq(TM) DNA polymerase, PCR buffer, enhancing buffer, loading dye, and primers set for detecting Mycoplasma.
Usage: After adding a template into a tube, then add water up to 20ml.
Stability: Store at -20, and then stable for over 1 year.

Included in this kit
; Tubes containing lyophilized premix reagents, and a manual.

The PCR process is covered by patents issued and applicable in certain countries. iNtRON Biotechnology does not encourage or support the unauthorized or unlicensed use of the PCR process. Use of this product is recommended for persons that either have a license to perform PCR or are not required to obtain a license.








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