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i-Master mix PCR Kit

CAT. 25201 (96 tubes)

CAT. 25202 (500 tubes)

[We are pleased to offer unpublished higher discounts on large volume purchases.]

Each tube of i-PRE(TM) PCR PreMix kit contains all components for PCR; i-Taq(TM) DNA polymerase, dNTPs, and buffer except template DNA and primers.
Because the kit also contains enhancing buffer, the stability and activity of i-Taq(TM) DNA polymerase is optimal. You can perform easily PCR reaction after adding only template DNA, primers, and sterile water.
Moreover, loading buffer is included in the kit, simplifies electrophoresis.

Supplied all necessary reagents for PCR reactions
Ready-to-use kit (You may add only template DNA and primers)
High sensitivity and specificity

Format : Lyophilized PCR premix containing i-Taq(TM) DNA polymerase, PCR buffer, enhancing buffer, loading dye
Usage: After adding a template and primers into a tube, then add water up to 20ml.
Stability: Store at -20, and then stable for over 1 year.

Included in this kit
; Tubes containing lyophilized premix reagents, and a manual.

The PCR process is covered by patents issued and applicable in certain countries. iNtRON Biotechnology does not encourage or support the unauthorized or unlicensed use of the PCR process. Use of this product is recommended for persons that either have a license to perform PCR or are not required to obtain a license.








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