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easy-BLUE(TM) Total RNA Extraction Kit

CAT. 17061 (100 ml)

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Theoretically, there is about 1-2x10(-5)mg of RNA per mammalian cell, and from 1x10(6) cells, about 10-20mg of RNA can be extracted. The iNtRON easy-BLUE(TM) can effectively extract total RNA; RNA extraction rate reaches nearly theoretical number. Generally, it's difficult to obtain pure RNA due to mal-dissolution caused by post-PPT contamination of protein. The easy-BLUE(TM) shows clear advantage in RNA dissolution that overcomes typical problem in RNA extraction.

Designed for use with cells or tissues.
Single-step RNA isolation method.
Entire procedure within 1 hour.
Blue color solution

Format : Soution type
Sample source: Animal tissues and cells
Sample size: Tissues (<100mg), Cells(<3-10x10(6) cells)
Prep. time: <60 minutes including a lysis step
Typical yield: 10- 20mg of RNA from 1x10(6) cells or 15-30mg of RNA from 50mg tissues
Rehydration volume: 20-50ml

Included in this kit
; Bottles containing easy-BLUE(TM) solution, and a manual.









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