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PRO-PREP(TM) Protein Extraction Kit

CAT. 17081 (100 ml)

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The iNtRON PRO-PREP(TM) Protein Extraction Kit is the first commercially available kit designed for efficient extraction of soluble proteins from cells or tissues. The PRO-PREP(TM) has been specifically formulated for utilization in Western blotting, immunoprecipitation, and kinase/phosphatase assays.
And more, the kit contains 5 kinds of protease inhibitors, so it is possible to extract intact proteins without degradation by protease.

Format : Solution type (store at -20)
Sample source: Animal cells and tissues
Sample size: 400ml solution in 5x10(6) cells, 600ml solution in 10-20mg tissues
Protein yield: 1.9mg-2mg proteins in 5x10(6) cells,
6.5mg-10mg proteins in 10-20mg tissues
Prep. time: <30 minutes
Included protease inhibitors: PMSF, EDTA, Pepstatin A, Leupeptin, Aprotininl

Protein extraction from cells or tissues
Contains 5 kinds of protease inhibitors (PMSF, EDTA, Pepstatin A, Leupeptin, Aprotinin)
Store at -20
. The PRO-PREP(TM) solution doesn't freeze at -20.
Save time (<30 min)
Suitable for Western blotting, Immuno-precipitation (IP), etc.

Included in this kit
; reagents and a manual.









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