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PCRquick-spin(TM) PCR Product Purification Kit

CAT. 17202 (250 col.)

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The PCRquick-spin(TM) Kit procedure uses silica-membrane technology to quickly and efficiently remove nucleotides, dNTPs, enzymes, primers, mineral oil, salts, ethidium bromide, dyes, detergents and other impurities from PCR reactions.
This PCRquick-spin(TM) products contain silica-gel membrane for binding of up to 15
mg DNA in high-salt buffer and elution in low-salt buffer.
The system uses a simple bind-wash-elute procedure. PCR reaction samples are mixed with the appropriate binding buffer and then applied to the PCRquick-spin(TM) column where DNA binds to the silica-gel membrane. Impurities are washed away, and pure DNA is eluted in a small volume of the low-salt elution buffer provided or water, ready for use in any subsequent application.

Purified double- or single-stranded DNA in 5 minutes from PCR amplification or other enzymatic reactions
90-95% recovery of PCR fragments
>99.5% primer removal
High recovery and purity
No interfere with subsequent reactions

Format : Spin column with 2ml collection tubes
Application: Nucleotide removal and enzymatic reaction cleanup
Recovery: 85%-95% recovery efficiency
DNA Binding capacity: 15mg
Throughput: 1-24 samples
Prep. time: <15 minutes
Removal range: <20bp
Elution volume: 20-100ml

Included in this kit
; reagents, buffers, PCRquick-spin columns, collection tubes (2ml), and a manual.











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