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OptiScript(TM) Reverse Transcriptase (RT) Kit

CAT. 27071 (50 rxn.)
CAT. 27072 (200 rxn.)
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The iNtRON OptiScript(TM) Reverse Transcriptase (RT) is a DNA polymerase that synthesizes a complementary DNA strand from single-stranded RNA, DNA, or an RNA:DNA hybrid.
The OptiScript(TM) RT is developed for all reverse transcription with very small amounts of RNA (<50ng). A higher affinity for RNA results in higher sensitivity and outstanding performance even low copy numbers

Higher first-strand cDNA yields than other suppliers' RTs.
More full-length cDNA synthesis than other suppliers' RTs.
Best activity at 42
, however active up to 45.
High sensitivity and specificity

Format :
For 50 reverse-transcription reactions: 200 units OptiScript(TM) Reverse Transcriptase,
10x RT Buffer, DTT, RNase-free water

For 200 reverse-transcription reactions:
800 units OptiScript(TM) Reverse Transcriptase,
10x RT Buffer, DTT, RNase-free water

Unit: 4U/
ml OptiScript(TM) RT enzyme

Usage: 1
ml of OptiScript(TM) RT addition per 20ml - 40ml RT reaction volume.
Stability: Store at -20, and then stable for over 1 year.

Included in this kit
; reagents, and a manual.

The PCR process is covered by patents issued and applicable in certain countries. iNtRON Biotechnology does not encourage or support the unauthorized or unlicensed use of the PCR process. Use of this product is recommended for persons that either have a license to perform PCR or are not required to obtain a license.






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