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LiSearch(TM) Rapid DNA Ligation Search Kit

CAT. 15011 (100 rxn.)
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After ligation and transformation, the LiSearch(TM) DNA Ligation Search Kit offers the simplest, fastest and easiest method for selection of colonies that contains ligated DNA. With conventional method, successfully transformed bacteria is only segregated after extracting the plasmid DNA following selected colony is cultured. The LiSearch(TM) DNA Ligation Search Kit has an advantage of simple and rapid detection with a small colony count regardless of total bacterial mass. LiSearch(TM) DNA Ligation Kit can eliminate the unwanted colonies containing self-ligated DNA.

The principle of LiSearch(TM) kit is very similar to that of plasmid DNA extraction. iNtRON introduced powerful methods which can purify DNA easily and to verify the result of each colony rapidly. In addition, this kit stabilize plasmid DNA contrary to the conventional alkaline lysis method.

Convenient use
Rapid reaction time (10min-20min)
Economic reagents

Format : Resuspending solution, Lysing & Color-developing solution, Condensing solution, Loading dye
Sample source: E. coli containing the cloned genes
Prep. time: <10 minutes - 20 minutes

Included in this kit
; Reagents, and a manual.







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