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DNA-Labeler Probe DNA Labeling Kit

CAT. 16041 (30 rxn.)
CAT. 16042 (60 rxn.)
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When labeling probes, the random priming and end labeling methods are commonly used. Our Probe Labeler Kit is developed on the basis of the random priming method. It can be used to label probes with radioisotopes, biotin, or dig-oxigenin. Probes prepared by Probe Labeler Kit can be used in Southern and Northern blotting, and in situ hybridization. The Klenow fragment in the kit ensures the efficient synthesis of probe DNA. The enzyme synthesizes new DNA by incorporating nucleotide monophosphate at the free 3'-OH group provided by the primer. The newly synthesized DNA is radioactive by substituting a radio-labeled nucleotide for a non-radioactive one in the reaction mixture.
Conventional protocols for random oligo-labeling of DNA require a minimum of 30 minutes to perform, and many suggest an overnight incubation. iNtRON's Probe Labeler Kit makes it possible to produce high-specific-activity DNA probes within 10 minutes.

The probes can detect nucleic acids on Northern or Southern blots, plaque lifts, colony hybridizations, and in situ hybridization
Yields >10(9)-10(8) cpm/mg control DNA using [a-32P]-dCTP
One reaction labels 25-50ng of DNA
Very simple and convenient steps
Rapid reaction time (within 10 minutes)

Format : Exo (-) Klenow fragment (6U/ml), dATP buffer (5x), dCTP buffer (5x), Random primer (10pmol/ml), Stop mix (0.5M EDTA, pH 8.0), and DNase/RNase-free sterile water.
Sample source: Probe DNA for labeling radioactively
Prep. time: <10 minutes
Yields: One reaction labels 25-50ng of DNA

Included in this kit
; Reagents, and a manual.







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