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LPS (Lipopolysaccharide) Extraction Kit

CAT. 17141 (100 rxn.)

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LPS (lipopolysaccharide) triggers a cascade of immunostimulatory and toxic
pathophysiological events, including peripheral vascular collapse by releasing endotoxin initiate septic shock.
Generally, the hot phenol-water extraction method is usually used for extracting LPS from gram-negative bacteria. However, it is complicated and takes long time to extract.

The iNtRON LPS Extraction Kit is the first commercially product for extracting LPS from bacteria. LPS Extraction Kit is designed for rapid and convenient extraction of LPS from bacterial cells.

LPS extraction from bacterial cells
Distribution of bacteria by patterns of the carbohydrate chain length
Immunostimulatory effect of the extracted LPS from bacteria
Very simple and convenient steps
Rapid reaction time (within 60 minutes)

Format : Soution type (Lysis buffer and Purification buffer)
Sample source: Bacterial cells
Sample size: The yield of LPS extraction is proportional to volume of culture. The yield of LPS is at its maximum when 5ml of culture is used. The optimal culture volume is 5ml at OD600 of 0.8-1.2.
Prep. time: <60 minutes including a lysis step
Rehydration volume: 50-200ml

Included in this kit
; Reagents, and a manual.








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