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LINKeed(TM) Rapid DNA Ligation Kit

CAT. 15021 (30 rxn.)

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This LINKeed(TM) Rapid DNA Ligation Kit induces rapid ligation at RT (from 5min to maximum 30min). LINKeed(TM) Kit performs swift and precise ligation of both sticky(cohesive)-end cloning product and blunt-end cloning product.
There is no need to add excess ATP or other requirements for the ligation

Convenient use
Rapid ligation reaction time (5min-30min)
Economic reagents

Format : T4 DNA Ligase (1 Weiss unit/ml), and LINKeed(TM) Solution (2X)
Sample source: Insert or vector DNA for ligation
Prep. time: <5 minutes - 30 minutes

Included in this kit
; Reagents, and a manual.









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