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Viral Gene-spin(TM) Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit

CAT. 17151 (50 col.)

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Viral Gene-spin(TM) Kit is designed for rapid isolation of DNA or RNA from a variety of sample sources including fresh or frozen plasma, serum, other cell-free body fluids and virus-infected cell/tissue. The purified DNA/RNA is free of contaminants and impurities, and ideal for PCR and RT-PCR.
Viral Gene-spin(TM) Kit uses advanced silica-gel membrane technology for rapid and effective purification of DNA or RNA without organic extraction or ethanol precipitation. Furthermore, the buffering conditions are finely adjusted to provide optimum binding of the DNA/RNA to the column. Procedural directions of Viral Gene-spinTM Kit is very simple; users may purify DNA/RNA from a variety of target source within 15min.

Format : Spin column with 2ml collection tubes
Sample source: fresh or frozen plasma, serum, other cell-free body fluids, and virus-infected cell/tissue
Sample size: up to 100ml sample
DNA/RNA Binding capacity: 50mg
Throughput: 1-24 samples
Prep. time: <15 minutes including a lysis step
Typical yield: 90-95% nucleic acid recovery at any virus titer
Elution volume: 30-100ml

Included in this kit
; reagents, buffers, Viral-spin columns, collection tubes (2ml), and a manual.










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