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G-spin(TM) for bacteria, Genomic DNA Extraction Kit

CAT. 17121 (50 col.)
CAT. 17123 (250 col.)
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The G-spin(TM) For Bacteria Kit is designed for rapid and conveni-ent isolation of genomic DNA from Gram(+) or Gram (-) bacteria.

Format : Spin column with 2ml collection tubes
Sample source: Gram (+) or Gram (-) bacteria
Sample size: 1ml (OD600: 0.8-1.0) per 300ml G-buffer
DNA Binding capacity: 30mg
Throughput: 1-24 samples
Prep. time: <40 minutes including a lysis step
Typical yield: 7-18mg depending on sample sources
Elution volume: 50-200ml

Included in this kit
; reagents, buffers, G-spin columns, collection tubes (2ml), Proteinase K, RNase A, Lysozyme and a manual.








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