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G-DEX IIb(TM) for blood, Genomic DNA Extraction Kit

CAT. 17241 (300 test/200ul bloods, 100ul ~ 10ml Bloods)

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For extraction of genomic DNA, several methods can be used, but they all have some drawbacks : 1) time-consuming, 2) utilization of toxic organicsolvent, and 3) low solubility and low yield. G-DEX IIb(TM) can eliminate these problems. Depending on the sample where DNA is extracted, iNtRON provides two types of G-DEX Ib(TM) Kits; for bloods (cells/tissues).

High yield DNA extraction
(40ug DNA from 1ml Bloods, 1mg DNA from 1x10(8) cells, 1mg DNA from 1g tissues,
50ug DNA from 1ml Bacteria)
Requires only 20-30min for entire procedure and is easy to perform
High solubility of purified genomic DNA
Purified DNA can be used in restriction enzyme analysis, southern blotting, molecular cloning, PCR, and other applications.

Format : Soution type
Sample source: Bloods/Bone Marrow (animal tissues and cells)
Sample size: 40ug DNA from 1ml Bloods
Prep. time: <30 minutes including a lysis step
Typical yield:
15- 50mg of DNA from 2x10(6) cells or 5-30mg of tissues
Rehydration volume: 50-200ml

Included in this kit
; reagents, buffers, and a manual.







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