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Aiming "True leader in Biotechnology" in life engineering, iNtRON Biotechnology Inc. is a leading bio-venture company with research and development capability, trust within the academic circles and business operating ability. We place our priority in the markets and maximize our business ability by manufacturing products needed on a commercial scale.

We are focusing on obtaining various genetic sources and developing new technology to explore biological medicines that will become most important part in future biotechnology.

  Biochemical business is our chief field of business; along with R&D in high-quality biotechnological research reagents, we provide related products and technology in diagnostic kits, animal vaccines and discovering new materials that lead to genuine pharmaceutical products.

R&D in the biochemical field is continuously achieved solely in the iNtRON research center and also in collaboration with the national and international researchers.
  As it said in our company motto, "To live in harmony than live individually", iNtRON Biotechnology Inc. is putting its utmost efforts to grow together with other related companies. "Seek the new challenges, not because we can do but because we can start", we are pursuing world`s best biotechnology company.

Company Name : iNtRON Biotechnology, INC.
Established : 18 Jan. 1999
President : Seong Jun Yoon (President/CEO)
Business : Biochemical business (Bio-Venture Company)
Capital : 3.98 Billion KW (US$ 3.69 Million Dollars)
No. of Employees : 29 persons (on May., 2004)

DCC-BIONET, 358-11, Sangdaewon-Dong, Joongwon-Ku, Sungnam, Kyungki-Do,
462-120, KOREA
TEL : +82-505-550-5600 (or +82-31-730-7280)
FAX : +82-505-550-5660 (or +82-31-736-7245)

Branch Office
360-12, Chunmin-Dong, Yusung-Gu, Daejoen,
305-810, KOREA
TEL : +82-42-862-0917
FAX : +82-42-862-0916


- Received Small Business Corporate (SMC) for Venture Business
- Selected as a Promising Venture Business by SMC
- Selected among "25 Best Bio-Venture Business" by MAE-ILl Newspaper
- Appointed to the Affiliated Research Center, iNtRON Institute by government
- Appointed to Training Center for Military Service by Military government
- Selected for "Potential Enterprise" by Korea Economic Daily
- "Venture-Business Processing Excellent Technology" by goverment
- Received Korea Science and Engineering Foundation Research Grants
- Awarded "2001 MaeKyung Excellent Venture-Business" Prize
- Selected for "Innovative Business (INNO-BIZ)" by government
- Selected as Export Enterprising Business Corporation
- Received Korea Science and Engineering Foundation Research Grants
- Awarded as "Leading Venture Company" the Federation of Korean Industry

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Sangdaewon-Dong, Joongwon-Ku, Sungnam, Kyungki-Do, 462-120, KOREA
TEL : +82-31-730-7270 FAX : +82-31-736-7245